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per 1 Oktober 2020 is NauticDecor gevestigd in Palma de Mallorca onderdeel van TelstarMarine en Hopmansails BV.



Exterior soft furnishing goes hand in hand with protection covers. One of the biggest benefits of our refit department is that we developed a unique digital technique to measure and store all dimensions and patterns in our digital archive. By storing these measurements into our digital archive we are able to replace your cushions if they are lost or need to be replaced without taking new measurements on board. Exactly the right size and without the need to repeat our measurements.

We recommend to make ther exterior protection covers out of a Stamoid fabric.

This fabric is available in all kinds of colors. The covers will be padded with fleece when needed for example when placed on varnish surfaces.

All seams are sealed on the inside for a maximum waterproof covering. This seam sealing is only possible on the Stamoid Top material.

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